About CRF

The Credit Research Foundation is an independent non-profit, consisting of a dynamic community of like-minded senior/executive business professionals with a vested interest in maintaining a competitive advantage in the disciplines and processes related to credit and accounts receivable management. Membership contains a cross section of industry segments and representation from companies within the Fortune 1500.

Invaluable Resources, Tools, & Networking for Leaders in Credit & Accounts Receivable Management - CRF has a large & diverse group of members whose experience can be leveraged for help as your responsibilities change and/or expand. My attendance at meetings has helped me to build a strong network of professionals who stand ready with solutions to new challenges in the Credit & Accounts Receivable space. In addition, there is an extensive library of resources and tools available for me – just one click away.
Jackie Mulligan – North America Credit Operations Manager
Proctor & Gamble Distributing LLC

CRF is widely recognized as the foremost non-profit, member-supported, education and research organization dedicated to the credit, account receivable and financial management community. The foundation provides access to education, research, best practices and solution sets through multiple distribution channels – such as, in person Forums, research papers, white papers, webinars, detailed surveys, journals and news articles – all disseminated in a timely and professional format. Additionally CRF, through its network of partners, legal firms and industry providers prides itself on its ability to maintain and offer a stream of pertinent/relevant communications to its community.

CRF is the premier Credit and Accounts Receivable organization where you will find the top Credit professionals across all industries. The group meets three times per year for quality presentations that pertain to the profession, as well as great networking opportunities.
Peter Knox - Director of Credit and A/R Administration
Nestle Holdings

Mission Statement

The Foundation's primary objective is to provide education and research for today's credit, accounts receivable and customer financial service professionals. CRF promotes leadership and provides linkage between practice and education, serving its diverse membership by recognizing excellence, promoting the exchange of information and fostering intellectual development.