Why Choose CRF?

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Membership in the Foundation is open to all individuals or businesses that have an interest in the area of trade credit, accounts receivable and customer financial services. This would encompass those who are practicing credit professionals, as well as those individuals and organizations that support the credit profession by providing related services.

The existing CRF membership profile is a composite of senior leaders/department heads from Fortune 1500 organizations and those like-minded individuals with a focus on the pursuit of education and research. For over 65 years CRF has promoted leadership and programs that provide linkage between practice and education, serving its diverse membership by recognizing excellence, promoting the exchange of information and fostering intellectual development. With over six hundred (600) member companies, the Foundation boasts a unique profile of senior leaders from an array of industries that are dedicated to maintaining a competitive edge through:

Best Practices
Thought Leadership
Education & Training
Performance Benchmarking

The Foundation prides itself on offering the most comprehensive suite of resources to the business credit and accounts receivable profession. Working closely with our practitioner members and industry partners, CRF drives the most wide-ranging, operational and strategic content available.

Membership in the Foundation will help you maintain the competitive edge required in today’s business environment through timely publications, detailed surveys and relevant Forums on issues germane to your operations.

Why Membership in the Credit Research Foundation:

  • Membership is a composite of a cross section of all major industries
  • An executive/senior level and like-minded peer group of participants with strong engagement
  • A combination of in-person Forums with record levels of attendance; complimentary webinars; research white papers and two extraordinary quarterly publications
  • An impressive membership roster with unparalleled retention; ongoing judicious membership scrutiny
  • Compelling programs and industry partnerships
  • Ongoing educational and research offerings
  • Exposure and a return on investment that cannot be duplicated elsewhere within the discipline

The strength of the Credit Research Foundation is our members. While widely diversified, there is a common thread among the individuals who represent their companies. That synthesis is their eagerness to become involved in improving and enhancing the profession – even as it evolves. The CRF membership base is the stimulus for all its activities. Our projects, publications and Forums are developed at the request of members who then contribute their knowledge, expertise and guidance to make our products beneficial for all members.

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