Credit Research Foundation (CRF) Complimentary Tools

CRF is pleased to offer our community a series of tools designed to provide valuable insights relative to your individual and teams responsibilities and performance. These tools offer measures of a team's efficiency across a myriad of KPIs and other discipline related outputs capable of being benchmarked. There is also a compensation assessment tool. This is all offered in a manner that provides confidentiality to the inquiring party. Confidentiality Statement

Compensation Tool for Credit and Accounts Receivable Administration

The Compensation Calculator offers results based on position title, responsibility, geographic region, span of control, industry segment and other variables.
  • The tool is available with unlimited use to all CRF members.
    Non-members are welcome to use the application with outputs available for 30 days from date of entry.
  • This video offers detail on HOW to use it: CLICK HERE
  • To take advantage of it: CLICK HERE
  • (You may use the same link to either return to your survey or for multiple entries.)

Benchmarking - a multifaceted and comprehensive review of your organization's efficiency and effectiveness

This incredibly powerful and comprehensive analysis can measure your team's performance against itself, its peer group or a broader universe. Segmented to capture and display comparatives by performance, cost, transactional volume and organizational design - it is truly unique. You can easily view a sample document or begin your benchmarking initiative: CLICK HERE

National Summary of Domestic Trade Receivables - aka The DSO Report

This report measures accounts receivable performance across the 6 most common KPIs. The outputs are provided in both a summary format and by standard industry classification (SIC) thus enabling the participant to view macro trends, but also detail movement within their specific industry segment. Results are available to all who participate!
  • To Participate: CLICK HERE
  • To see a sample summary of last quarter's results: CLICK HERE
  • To understand the formulas and definitions used in the NSDTR report: CLICK HERE
  • To review the Key Performance Indicators used in the NSDTR report: CLICK HERE
  • To order back copies of the NSDTR: CLICK HERE
  • For information on using the NSDTR data for a preference defense: CLICK HERE

Deduction Benchmarking Assessment Tool - A proprietary tool developed and powered by Attain Consulting Group

Ms. Jessica Butler has long been a contributor to our community and the processes associated with managing customer deductions. This Deduction Benchmark Assessment Tool utilizes the information gathered in Attain Consulting Group's 2015 Customer Deduction Benchmark Survey to help you measure and evaluate your company's deduction management performance against others in your industry. Based on the input of more than 500 companies across 10 industry groups, the survey results provide benchmarks for a wide range of deduction evaluation metrics. To access the tool and receive your results: CLICK HERE

NACHA Payments Helpdesk

NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association has offered this link exclusively to CRF to provide education and support on a number of issues related to electronic payments, such as payment trends, preferences, best practices and what works for credit and receivables professionals: CLICK HERE

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